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Echoes of the Dark Past 2, An All New Two Worlds II Multiplayer Adventure Available.
Karlsruhe - August, 23 2018 - TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump Studios are excited to announce the continuation of their award-winning Two Worlds series with an all new multiplayer adventure, "Echoes of the Dark Past 2", set for release on August 23rd, 2018! Featuring sprawling maps, demonic enemies and an original musical score with 17 tracks, Echoes of the Dark Past 2 allows players to grab their friends and battle through this brand new adventure from two different points of view, in the first non-linear multiplayer experience in Two Worlds' history! Caught in the middle of a bloody war for mystical, ancient artifacts, players will unlock new maps and story events depending on their in-game alliances. New friends will help players take down dangerous old foes as they struggle to manage shifting partnerships, where the victors will wield talismans of unimaginable power… and the losers will die in the dust! Two Worlds II Season Pass holders will automatically receive this new DLC.


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