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TopWare Interactive Announces The Final Expansion For Their Award Winning RPG Series, Two Worlds Two: Shattered Embrace, Available In Q3 of 2019!

Karlsruhe - April, 19 2019 - TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump Studios are thrilled to announce the epic conclusion to the Two Worlds II saga with this all new adventure, "Shattered Embrace", as DLC and as Stand Alone version, both set for release in Q3-2019!

A host of strange allies, vicious villains, savage beasts and a brand new, sprawling tropical island setting await you in this upcoming DLC that wraps up the events of Two Worlds II: Call Of The Tenebrae with an explosive finish!

Featuring over ten hours of gameplay, one hundred new weapons, fifteen new sets of armor, new guilds to join, destructive spells to cast and the ability to travel to new, never before seen dimensions, Two Worlds II: Shattered Embrace brings this long running Two Worlds adventure to a close!

Two Worlds II Season Pass holders will automatically receive this new DLC, and review keys are available by contacting, if you already have Two Worlds II.

TWO WORLDS II: Shattered Embrace [Single Player DLC and Stand Alone Version]

Two Worlds II: Shattered Embrace

About the Game

Picking up immediately after the events of “Call of the Tenebrae”, the Hero and his companions are stunned when the mythical, long lost Elves suddenly resurface on a remote island! But surprise quickly turns to alarm as the Elves reemergence reveals a secret from the past with sinister echoes of the Tenebrae Order’s ancient malevolence! With the truce between races broken and evil harassing the land, the Shattered Embrace may spell doom for all of Antaloor!

Explore the beautiful, never before seen Elven kingdom of Arveran and its four unique, expansive districts, including the royal Elven city of Shadinar, the largest settlement in Two Worlds history. But keep in mind that this vast, tropical island is no vacation getaway! The sunny, tranquil beaches can quickly turn deadly, as its shores are guarded by advanced machines and Elven magic. Then, play detective in Shadinar while pairing with the Captain of the Royal guard to investigate a dark plot and a brutal murder that threatens both the Kingdom and the royal family! Travel outside the city walls to lush forests and the barren steppes to hunt wild beasts for sport and ingredients, then upgrade your gear and pick up side-quests in the bustling merchant port-town of Freehaven. But nothing can prepare you to enter a forbidden dimension, where a blood-red sun casts its sickly light on Hell itself and an ancient, slumbering god begins to stir!

Product Description and Features list of TWII: Shattered Embrace (English)
Product Description and Features list of TWII: Shattered Embrace (German)

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